La chair des femmes se nourrit de caresses comme l'abeille de fleurs

La chair des femmes se nourrit de caresses comme l'abeille de fleurs

samedi, février 18

Make me love.

I beg you let me love
"I want you"
I want to feel the warmth of your body against me
Make me love. Love me.
Come kiss my mouth it is yours
The love of my life. The woman of my life
I have a burning desire
Let me kiss thy mouth.
I need your touch ...
I love having my clothes off.  
Undress me,
Unbutton my dress, will you? ...
You kiss me softly on the lips and neck
 I let you do.
I turn,I get up,
I monte.Je monte.Me now floating,
You make me unhook my bra
You think I have nice breasts?
Your lips slowly down my breasts,
Gently kiss you,   
lingers on your tongue to my nipples harden as early   
You caress me buttocks 
Your fingers were incredibly soft.
You tear your teeth with my thong
We are close. 
 I'm stuck to you 
 Moment of intense emotion!   
 Love me stronger! Stronger!     
 Kiss me again! Yet!                 
 Hold me stronger!       
 Tell me you love me yet! 
You kissed me, blew.
We went to bed.        
Caress me.
I like to be caressed with tenderness and delicacy   
Kiss me tenderly
Caress me slowly  
Every part of my body
For that pleasure is stronger
Your gentleness has the taste of honey,          
Thou bewitched by each of your touch!       
We change our position now
M over you,I embrace you with open mouth
I took your hand, put it between my legs, on my sex.
Caress me inside,
this will be a delight to spend your tongue on your intimate jewel.                   
Shaved and fleshy licking.                      
I love that I lick, I love your language                  
Put your tongue between my labia.  
Lick the slot bottom to top.           
You make long back and forth with "Softly, softly                     
You have a desire to hear me screaming "Yes"   
Take me
Taste the passion fruit    
So good!   

Sensual desire! Eternal night!      
Tenderness and passion drunken night .

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  1. Good morning,

    Many emotions are felt and lots of love and passion.

    KISSES with tenderness and affection ...

  2. Bonjour

    Zouleikha n'en finit pas de...


  3. Bonjour Zouleikha.

    La tendresse est le repos de la passion?
    Que la vie t'apporte joie,amour,bonheur et bonne humeur !



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